Oil Skimmer: Get to Know its Uses and Types

An oil skimmer is a type of machine that can remove floating particles from liquids of varied types just like water. At the same time, it can separate and even remove different liquids like oil from water. Aside from being utilized in oil spill remediation, such amazing technology is helpful in different applications for different industries. People working in the machine industry can remove oil from tool coolants or get rid of them from aqueous parts washers.

Oil Skimmer in Different Forms

There are three forms to choose from. But at present, more than three types are commonly used. They are floating suctions, drum, barrel style, belt, large and mini tubes, and disk. The skimmer functions with the help of the surface tension, as well as laws of gravity that is structured in the design. The steel belt type is lowered to the fluid in the belt skimmer. Such removes oil by moving the wiper blades that are specifically designed to get rid of oil from all sides of the fluid.

Drum or Barrel Style

This type makes use of a rotating drum. It has similar characteristics to disk skimmers. But the only difference with a barrel or drum skimmer is that they can move more water efficiently as compared to disk skimmers. They are also more durable. But there can be noticeable problems given the fluctuating liquid levels when such types are being used.


These are specially designed to extract oil from fluids with the use of oil mop skimmers. When they are dipped in the fluid, oil is being removed during the process. It also comes with pinch rollers that function to dry the ropes upon entering the drive unit.

Such works in skimming oil from the fluid. But there is a drawback in using mop oil skimmers. One, the ropes have the tendency to get matted as they come in contact with oil, especially when they are vicious. This allows them to be less effective in removing oil. Additionally, it is costly to replace the mops, meaning there is a higher maintenance cost.

The other kinds of skimmers are the big tube, as well as floating suctions. The plastic hose is utilized for such kinds of skimmers to move the surface of the liquid then draw the oil through large tubes. At the same time, they are being used to draw oil through small tubes. Other designs are also available for this type of skimmer. Such types are very effective at removing thick layers of oil and they use another floating intake.

There is a little difference in the working of a disk oil skimmer. With this one, a disk is used to rotate the fluid. Then, the oil that has been removed from the liquid goes in the skimmer in a specified container that collects them.

Such types of skimmers are not recommended to be used with shallow fluids because of the fluctuating levels of the fluid. To make sure that proper cleaning is implemented, the entire disc needs to be submerged, which is not practical.