How to Keep Your Swim Spa with Australian Spa Parts Clean?

Each time we soak in a hot tub with Australian spa parts, the most lingering mark of the experience is always the unparalleled comfort and calm that it brings the user. However, some homemakers are having second thoughts about it. They are under the impression that the maintenance or the upkeep for this type of pool water equipment is such drudgery. With that in mind, despite the manifold  benefits of a pool spa to one’s health and well-being,  it keeps them from getting one of their own. 

Since we qualify a hot tub as a personal retreat, it is not just the technical upkeep that we need to concern ourselves about. Part of its maintenance is regular cleaning. Observing regular cleaning practices is crucial for pool equipment of this kind. Not only that, it will help a lot in making your hot tub look squeaky clean, but is also essentially important in keeping the water balanced. 

Ways to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean


Ideally, you need to drain your hot tub after every 6 months or so. Depending on the frequency and the number of people using the hot tub, you may need to drain more often. Completely draining your hot tub will allow you to clean as well its shell. 

This aspect of its maintenance is not at all very challenging especially if you come across models and makes of hot tubs that come with an internal drain mechanism. Therefore, removing or draining its water is a breeze.  


Once you empty your hot tub of its water, grab a soft cloth and a gentle cleanser. See to it that you are going to use a cleaner that is specifically formulated for cleaning hot tub jets, shells, and other controls. 

Take caution not to use coarse and strong cleaning agents. Instead of giving your swim spa an intensive yet gentle cleaning help it needs, such products might damage or cause your hot tub shell to have miniscule scratches. 

Tiny they may be, they can still affect the quality of the surface. If this happens, the odds are high that it will take away the sheen of your hot tub shell. This is similar to what happens when you sand your car’s surface. 


While cleaning your hot tub empty of water, there would be instances that you will see some stubborn mineral-based buildup. To effectively remove these unsightly deposits on your hot tub’s shell, a mild scale remover can be used for this purpose. Alternatively, in the absence of a good scale remover, you can dab a vinegar solution on a soft cloth instead use it to clean off those build-up. 


It is always safe to assume that after every time you clean your hot tub with Australian spa parts; you give it a good rinse with water. This is essentially important, most especially if you are using a cleaning agent that creates a foaming lather. 

Hot tub cleaning agents, especially the chemical-based types, can hurt the pool water chemistry and balance.  Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have them off after cleaning. Residuals can be removed by thorough rinsing with water. 

Rinsing with fresh/tap water is a must. You can make use of a regular garden hose for this purpose and a soft cloth to wipe dry the exposed surfaces. This will also help in removing any remaining residual cleaning agents.  


While cleaning your hot tub shell, we also recommend that you temporarily take off your swim spa pillows as well so that you can give them a much-needed rinse. This is one way you can effectively enhance the longevity of your pool spa pillow. Rinsing them with water will help in slowing down their deterioration process (such as flaking of the material, discoloring, and becoming stiff). 

A handful of swim spas offered in the market today come with feature pillows. They also come with 2 backside pillow plugs. When removing the swim spa pillow, take extra caution not to damage their plugs. They are responsible for keeping the pillows in their designated place.  

Now to keep your spa system in good working condition, make sure to take time to give its filter cartridge a once-a-month cleaning. It needed that kind of break, too. 

You can do this by spraying off the cartridge and soaking it in bleach water solution. Leave it in for an hour or so. Then afterward, give it a thorough rinsing and use plain water only. Allow  it to completely air dry first, then return it to the filter.