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Why Every Business Need to Take Good Advantage of Bunded Tanks?

If your enterprise is involved in the use or trading of high-value liquids like diesel fuel or petrochemical products, the use of bunded tanks is highly recommended. Such liquid containment facility will help ensure that your stored diesel fuel or corrosive acid is safe and secure, and will not put the environment in harm’s way. With respect to their safety and security features, here are some of the good reasons why you have a dire need for a bunded tank system.

  • 1. Bunded Tanks will not put the environment in harm’s way.

The times we are living in now is clearly defined by the increased consciousness of people and industries about the dire need to care for the welfare of the environment. Thus, every product or service that we can see today are designed with the purpose of not inflicting harm to the environment.

Bunded storage tanks are double layer tanks. These types of storage tanks are a tank within another tank. This indicates that the liquid fuel you store in them will have to break through its double protective layers first before it can find its way to the surrounding environment and cause havoc of unimaginable proportions.

In the event of leaks or spillage, the secondary layer or tank will rectify the situation for you and secure your high-value liquid without inducing harm to the environment.

  • 2. Huge Storage Capacity

Steel bunded tanks are a notch higher in functionality if you will compare them to their plastic alternatives. One reason for this is its superb storage capacity. Did you know that this type of liquid containment system can hold and store up to 120,000 liters? As a bonus with this storage system is that you can store as little or as much as your particular business application requires. Hence, they are the ideal custom solution for any business.

  • 3. Long term and durable solution

Steel bunded storage tank systems are crafted with the help of only the best materials around. The design specifications for this type of containment system allow them to withstand even the worst weather condition there is. They are also highly resistant to corrosion which works to the advantage of the containment system because it extends their lifespan. Like for instance, they have high resistance to warping and deterioration which is a normal occurrence in objects that are constantly exposed to sunlight.

The long-standing durability of bunded storage tanks is your best assurance and guarantee that your stored liquid fuel is safe, secure, and will not cause damage to your project site or facility. Long term use of bunded storage tanks will help you save money.

  • 4. Secures and Keeps Your Stored Fuel Safe

The majority of liquid fuels we store for industrial and commercial purposes come with high monetary value. This is the main reason why businesses involved in trading, selling, and the use of high-value liquids take all measures they can use just so they can discourage or deter anyone from any attempt to steal them. They are made from materials that are tough and hard to drill into. This means to say that your stored fuel, as well as the money you invested for, are secure.